Wonderful Find! Kindness 101

Kindness 101 by Andy Smallman

(Taken from the Kindness 101 blog)

The purpose of this “class” is to have fun while being kind, to see how being kind to others is actually being kind to ourselves, and to start ripples of kindness that will be felt in far away places, touching others and creating even more kind acts.

Here’s how it works. Each Sunday night, an “assignment” for the upcoming week will be posted here on the blog (look for the assignment number in the title of the post). Participants visit the blog any time during the week to get the assignment and then take time to consider how to complete it, before doing so. By the end of the week participants post a summary of what they did in the appropriate comments section of the blog. Imagine a bunch of people each completing an act of kindness based around the same theme and then sharing what they’ve done with each other. It’s fun and inspiring!

While we’re calling this is a “class” and giving “assignments,” it’s important to feel relaxed and engaged. There are no serious deadlines, there are no grades, there are no expectations other than we try to get the most from this kindness alliance of ours, personally and globally. You don’t have to raise your hand to do something. If you need it, you have permission now to make this class what you want it to be.

I think I may take part in this!  How about you?

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