Indi Denim

Several weeks ago I posted about an awesome fashion find I ran across called Indi Denim.  If you missed that post, Indi Denim is a company that creates custom jeans that are based on your individual size, shape, and height and I just HAD to try it out for myself!!  I mean…what do you expect from a woman who LOVES jeans??  (Check out my Denim Everyday blog at

So here is my verdict: 

(I have not been asked by Indi Denim to review their product.  The following opinion is truly mine and mine alone.)

I LOVE Indi Denim and will most definitely be purchasing another pair ASAP!  My Indi Denim jeans were dark wash, slim fitted through the thighs with a flare starting right at the knee.  Check them out below!

What do YOU think? 

By the way…I have a surprise for you!!!  EVERYONE of my readers can get 15% off of their Indi Denim order by “liking” them on Facebook!!!  Click on this link –!/indiDenim?v=app_10531514314   If it doesn’t take you directly to the discount, click the tab that says “fan discount.”  Happy Shopping!  Please be sure to let me know what you think!!!

2 thoughts on “Indi Denim

  1. Hi Erin! I’m Evan from indi and I wanted to thank you so much for posting about your indi jeans! I agree with Elisabeth…they look fantastic on you!

    Since your experience was so great, we’d love/really appreciate if you posted on our testimonials tab on Facebook! Feel free to plug your blog/review as well!

    Thanks again, Erin, and enjoy your indi jeans!



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