Modern Manners – General Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

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General Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know…and FOLLOW! 

First off, let me apologize for the picture above.  It makes me uncomfortable just looking at that picture but…it sure does get my point across! 

As an etiquette coach, as well as, a normally very mannerly woman, it amazes me what some people do and say these days.  Unfortunately, some people just don’t care enough about being mannerly and it will come back to haunt them in the future.  Guaranteed. 

Anyway, below are a few etiquette rules everyone should know:

1.  Never chew with your mouth open and never speak with your mouth full.

2.  Never blow your nose at the dinner table.

3.  Never change your baby’s diaper in a public area. 

4.  Never break in line.

5.  If you bump into someone, say excuse me.

6.  Never take something that is not yours.

7.  Never pass gas in public.

8.  Never let your children run amok in a space that is not yours. 

9.  Never smack your gum!

10.  Always stand up straight and never slouch at the dinner table. 

11.  Ladies should always sit in a ladylike manner.

Now…those are the top eleven etiquette rules that everyone should know, in my opinion.  What do you think?  Has someone done something totally unbelievable to you?  Please share!

4 thoughts on “Modern Manners – General Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

  1. GREAT blog post! I’m laughing b/c of the comment you made, “has someone done something totally unbelievable to you?”! And, yes, that picture is quite disturbing! LOL!!!

  2. I heard an interesting discussion about holiday gift-giving on The View this morning. Barbara was expressing her dilemma at having told all her friends that she did NOT want any gifts and that she wasn’t getting them anything, but some people STILL sent her a gift. She didn’t know what to do, and of course felt that she had to go out and get them a gift, and she felt that was going to perpetuate it again and again. Sheri and Elisabeth both said that if someone gives you a gift you’ve got to give them one. Joy didn’t think you did. Whoopi said that if she has said she does not want a gift and someone gets her one anyway, she DOESN’T ACKNOWLEDGE it at all. Hmm. I’m thinking that if you tell them no gift and they get you one anyway, send a thank you but NO gift. What do you think Ms. Etiquette Erin?

  3. yes, the picture is disturbing 🙂

    Elisabeth, my take on the gift giving issue is this : a gift should be given out of the goodness of your heart, not out of obligation. All gifts should be acknowledged, but if you have expressed that you do not want a gift, then you shouldnt feel as though you have to reciprocate.

    As far as the tights, being in my thirties, it’s not for me, but a cute look nonetheless.

  4. Oh if only EVERYONE knew these simple manners!!! The world would be a much more peaceful place.

    I’d like to add do not eat and smack sunflower seeds all day long when you work in an office space that is all cubes and EVERYONE can hear you! I struggle on those days to not rip my hair out!

    Happy Holidays 🙂

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