Modern Manners – Interview Etiquette

Ace That Interview!

Making a good first impression during an interview is key to getting the job you want and deserve.  Especially during this time when the unemployment rate is so high. You need to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself!  Please check out my tips below:

1.  Dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you are applying for.  It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

2.  Perfect your resume and know what it says!  Many employers will ask you questions directly about your resume so don’t fake it.

3.  Always arrive five minutes early!  Never arrive late!

4.  Shake hands, make eye contact, and smile – these all show that you are confident, but not too confident.

5.  Sit only when prompted to sit and then sit up straight!  Never slouch or lean back in the seat.

6.  Never ask the employer any personal questions!  Stick to being formal rather than informal with him/her. 

7.  Try not to fidget during your interview.  It will make you appear nervous and/or ill-prepared.

8.  Always thank the employer when the interview is complete and again stand, make eye contact, shake hands, and smile.

9.  Follow up the interview with a small, hand-written thank you note.  Believe me…not many of your competitors will do this!!  (Remember what I said about setting yourself apart from everyone else?  This may do that!)

10.  Never call more than one time to check on the progress of your application. 

11.  Remember to leave your cell phone, PDAs, and any other electronice equipment in your car! 

If you are seeking employment, please follow my tips!  I promise they will help you get the job!

2 thoughts on “Modern Manners – Interview Etiquette

  1. Great tips!!! I always hear to not dress better than your interviewer(s)/employer(s) also. Definitely smile, and have some confidence, otherwise, you look uninterested in the job and they will see that.

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