Modern Manners Monday – Finger Foods

Which Foods Are Considered “Finger Foods?”

Do you ever wonder if it’s ok to eat those hors d’ouerves, for instance, with your fingers?   If so, you aren’t the only one!  Let me help!

Appetizers, Hor D’ouerves, and Canapes are typically all meant to be eaten with the fingers.   

Whole Artichokes – Simply peel each artichoke leaf off with your fingers and dip in the sauce provided.  When you make it to the “heart” of the artichoke, it’s time to pick up your fork and knife. 

Asparagus – There has actually been much debate about whether or not it is appropriate to pick asparagus up with your fingers.  In my opinion, you should cut asparagus spears and eat them with a fork. 

Bacon is always considered finger food.

Berries should be eaten with a spoon.

Bread – Ok, hopefully I don’t offend anyone who is reading this but….it totally amazes me that ALOT of people don’t know the proper way to eat a piece of bread!  Let me give you a tutorial.  🙂  Take a piece of bread from the basket and place it on your bread plate, which should be to the left of your plate.  Then place a pat of butter on the plate next to your bread.  To eat the bread, tear off a bite-sized piece, butter it with your butter knife, and then place it in your mouth one piece at a time. 

Chicken – Again, there has been much debate about how to eat a piece of chicken but I think that if you are in a public setting, chicken should be eaten with a fork, no matter if it has a bone in it or not.  However, if you are in the privacy of your own home, feel free to pick that fried chicken up with your fingers! 

Oysters, in reality, should be eaten with a fork, however, if you loosen them from the shell and they can simply and easily slide out of the shell and into your mouth, it is ok! 

Corn on the Cob is usually not served in a formal setting, but if it is…go ahead and pick it up with your fingers!! 

Shrimp Cocktail should always be eaten with a cocktail fork. 

Olives (with the pit) should be put in the mouth and the pit taken out the same way. It is acceptable to put the olive in your mouth with your fingers, but it looks better to do it with a fork. 

Sushi!  Believe it or not sushi is meant to be eaten with the fingers but it’s acceptable to eat it with chopsticks!

Well…did I leave anything out or do you have a question about a certain food?

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