Things I Love Friday

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Things I Love Friday

  • Networking!  I love networking and meeting new people.  I like to get feedback from other entrepreneurs, too! 
  • Scarves!  Scarves are the perfect accessory for winter! 
  • To-Do Lists! Not just the list…marking things off of the list!
  • The fact that my magazine, Panache Magazine,  is finally in the process of being printed!!  The next issue will be released in January.
  • Getting shot in the face with room spray.  LOL!  Not really!  I’m being a tad facetious!  🙂  I was standing in front of the TV in my Dad’s office watching a high speed car chase on Fox news and all of a sudden the darn automatic room spray dispenser shot me in the face!  LOL! 
  • GIVEAWAYS!!!  Lucky you!  If you are reading this…then you get to register for the free giveaway that I am having!  Here is what I’m giving away:

An ENVIROSAX bag!!  All you have to do to win it is to tell me what you love about my blog in the comments.  🙂  I will choose someone at random with on Monday!! 



4 thoughts on “Things I Love Friday

  1. Sorry, but I’m LOL at the fact that you got sprayed in the face by an automatic air freshener! ahahah!!!

    I too love scarves….and winter hats!!!!
    I love everything about your blog. I love getting tips on accessories, what to wear AND what NOT to wear, etiquette, etc.

  2. I love your photos–makes your blog look great. I also like your enthusiasm! And I like networking too. Even the Facebook networking–just increasing the visibility through sharing events/etc is great. That’s true networking, helping each other to reach a wider audience.

  3. I love that you share my same values and seem to somehoew be channeling me through your blog heheheh. Seriously – what’s not to like. You say what you need to say in a minimal amount of words that are expressive. Perfect for blogging.
    @ Elizabeth – I’d like social networking a little more if people would keep their posts to topics I care about in the business world. I wish they’d save the dinner menu or nap schedule for the personal FB and stop clogging up my feed with stuff like, “mmm, I love peanut butter!” ROFL Oops, another rant…

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