Things I Love Friday!

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Things I Love Friday – This is the time I take to focus on the good things that happened to me each week. Please do the same by commenting, if you’d like! It feels good!! 

  • Getting my “groove” back.
  • Feeding my baby squirrel
  • The fact that I am starting to get more and more commenters!!  Thank you all!! 
  • I made it to running 3/4 of a mile!  (I know!! I am WAY out of shape!  But I’ve worked out in some form or fashion since I was 13!!  My endurance level is just way low.  😦  )
  • I got a sugar scrub today!  It was wonderful!! 
  • New opportunities!!  (Can’t tell yet!  I don’t want to “jinx” it!)
  • New Nail Polish!  LOL!  My mom and I went shopping on Tuesday and I picked up some colors from the “Burlesque” collection from OPI!  They are super cool!
  • I’m totally rocking with new Scentsy orders!  I bought a Scentsy warmer and some scents from my friend’s mother about a year ago or so and they’ve since moved, so I decided to start buying the products for myself so I could get them whenever and however I wanted!  Now it’s a fun little side job that I can concentrate on when I need a diversion.  (Please feel free to let me know if I can order something for you!)

So what do you love about your week?

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