Modern Manners Monday – Bad Manners or TACKY?

Bad Manners or Just Plain Tacky?

Sometimes actions don’t just exemplify bad manners…instead they are just plain tacky!  Below are the actions I would put in the “tacky” category.  What do you think?

1.  Disposing of gum in an improper manner – Nothing is more disgusting and improper to me than to see a woman, or a man for that matter, to spit gum out of a window!  OMG!  Seriously?  You might as well be spitting a “loogey” or whatever.  I have NO clue how to spell that word, so if you do, please enlighten me!  🙂

2.  Blowing your nose at the dinner table – Please, please refain from blowing your nose at the table! Especially if the napkin happens to be cloth!  Always excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

3.  Gossiping- I know, I know…gossiping is part of a girl’s life!  That’s what we do!  Gossip!  It’s fun…No it isn’t!  Especially if you happen to be the one who is being gossiped about! Always put yourself in the other person’s position and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

4.  Treating someone rudely – There is absolutely no reason to be rude to someone!  It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been, or how hard you worked.  Always be nice to people! 

5.  Burping or passing gas – MEN are especially bad when it comes to passing gas.  I’m not sure who teaches them that it is funny to burp like an elephant or poot and wave it in our face, but I think it is EXTREMELY offensive.

6.  Littering – Littering isn’t just bad for the environment or for the beauty of a city.  It is also bad for animals.  Unsuspecting animals are drawn to the side of the road where most trashed food is thrown and then they get run over and die. 

7.  PDA (Public Display of Affection) – Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a peck on the lips or the cheek or for holding hands in public, but I’m not okay with seeing two people make out in public.  As they say…”Get a room!”

So what do you think?  Do you think the above items are tacky, too?  Please comment and let me know!  Also, if I”ve left something out please add it!!

7 thoughts on “Modern Manners Monday – Bad Manners or TACKY?

  1. Number 4 is my favorite. Rudeness needs to GO!!! I don’t understand rudeness, never have, never will. It’s just as easy to be nice as it is rude….takes the same amount of time. Rudeness hurts people and it stays with them. DO NOT under any circumstances be rude…ever…

  2. #3 hits a note with me. I am making a concerted effort to speak well of someone or not speak at all. It’s crazy how easily an offhand comment turns into a gossip fest. Not only is it hurtful to others, it really makes the gossiper look pretty classless too.

    Be nice or be quiet!! Teehee!

  3. #5 is one I can definitely relate to. I have an agriculture related job and I work with alot of men. They are always burping loudly like it’s a contest and they never say “excuse me”. Not all of the men do this but quite a few of them do and it’s not just men. I can think of a few women who do the same things and worse. They think it’s hilarious. I think it’s disgusting. Just because we work in an Ag field doesn’t mean we have to act like we were raised in a barn.

    Another thing that I think is just gross and tactless is when people spit their smokeless tobacco in clear containers where everyone can see the “nastiness” and when they spit during a meeting, etc. I understand that some people enjoy their tobacco but they should have to be mindful of others just like smokers are. Not everyone wants to see your saliva.

    Sorry but these are the things I deal with on a daily basis and I get so tired of it. I just had to vent. 😉

  4. Thanks for providing a place to vent about this.

    #2 is my pet peeve! Glad to see others agree because I was seriously beginning to wonder if I was alone there. And, what’s strange is that it seems to always be the old folks who are the worst offenders. Sheesh – they should know better. I always wonder how the waiter feels when he has to clear a table with that napkin. Please pass the tongs! ACK!

    @ Suzanne – I’m with ya doll!

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