Modern Manners Monday – What Every Hostess Should Have

What Every Hostess Should Have on Hand

As the holiday season fast approaches the odds of receiving a last-minute guest rises greatly, so I thought I would make it MUCH easier on you by giving you a few tips on how to be prepared when the unexpected happens. 

In my opinion, a hostess should have the following items in her home at all times:

1.  A good bottle of Chardonnay and a good bottle of Cabernet.  Keep in mind that for a bottle to be “good” it doesn’t have to be expensive.  For instance, Woodbridge and Clos de Bois wines are both under $15 a bottle and are wonderful! 

2.  A great tasting cheese!  Visit specialty stores in your neighborhood to find some interesting and tasty varieties.  Oh!  Don’t forget the crackers, too!

3.  A card table and matching chairs – in case extra seating is needed. 

4.  Guest soaps – not only are they good for last-minute guests, but you can also use them as last-minute gifts!! 

5.  Cocktail napkins – Cocktail napkins are also great last-minute gifts!  One more little tip – Although the “Meet my new best friend” type of napkins are cute and funny, I wouldn’t suggest keeping them on hand.  Instead, choose something a little more formal and tasteful.

6.  Candles – Candles add a certain ambience to every situation so don’t get stuck without them.  Just be sure to keep scented ones away from food. 

So…is there anything I’m missing?  Would the above items get YOU through a last-minute visit?

7 thoughts on “Modern Manners Monday – What Every Hostess Should Have

  1. I like to keep yummy flavored nuts in the pantry. They are the perfect snack (with wine!) to serve quickly when people drop by. Wal-mart has some delicious salt & pepper cashews I just tried!

  2. I was going to say nuts but someone beat me to it. What do you think, Erin, about keeping homemade stuff to give people? Like a big batch of peppermint hot cocoa that you ca divide up and put into small Ziplocs inside a holiday patterned Chinese takeout container? Or some nuts that you have spiced yourself? I think it’s nice to have something that comes from the heart standing by and ready to go, but would that look like you just grabbed something you were gifted to re-gift?

  3. My husband and I are red wine drinkers. Our wine cooler is filled with mostly big reds and we do always keep a few bottles of white on hand. I’ve discovered however, that not everyone drinks wine, so I always keep a few bottles of good beer in the fridge and a couple bottles of Perrier in the pantry. I marinate olives in a good olive oil with herbs from my garden and pretty much always have a jar in the pantry. I like to put out small bowls of olives and small bowls of nuts.

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