WINNER ANNOUNCED and Answers to the Modern Manners Quiz

Pixiepine Blog

LESLIE from PixiePine Blog and local owner of PopShop and Spazz Records is the WINNER of a FREE subscription to Panache Magazine and a FREE promotion in the magazine!!  I chose the winner using!!  Yay, Leslie!! 

Now…let me give you all the correct answers for the Modern Manners questions:

1.  When someone sneezes what do you do?  You should say “Bless You” or “God Bless You” and if you have a tissue available it’s a nice gesture to offer them one.  Note:  It should be a fresh, clean tissue!

2.  While driving to work someone cuts you off.  What do you do next?  You should slow down and let it go.  Never display road rage and never fight back.  You will endanger yourself and others, otherwise. 

3.  When you are in a public place and you phone rings what should you do?  Quickly silence the phone.  Never answer the phone in public or while in the presence of someone else. This especially applies while conducting business.  If you are expecting an important phone call, let the other person know about it before hand. 

4.  You are behind two people in the line at the grocery store when another lane opens up.  You…  Let those ahead of you have the opportunity to move to the newly opened lane  If they do not take advantage it is perfectly ok for you to do so. 

5.  Your dog does its business in your neighbor’s yard.  What should you do?  You should always clean up your doggie’s messes and try your best to teach him or her where the best place to use the bathroom is.

6.  How much should you tip your server at a restaurant?  The appropriate percentage is between 15% and 20%.  No lower than 15% and if you got extraordinary service you can consider tipping over 20%.  Never be so cruel as to leave something totally ridiculous like a penny or a $1. 

7.  For whom should you open doors?  Any and every one who follows closely behind you.

8.  How much time should lapse before you send a thank you note?  A thank you note should be sent within a few days of receiving the gift.  However, if you happen to receive the gift the night of your wedding you can wait until you return from your honeymoon.  Try not to let more than a month lapse before sending a thank you note, but sending one late is better than not sending one at all.

Here’s a SUPER BIG hug and “thank you” to everyone who commented!!  I will be doing more giveaways, so please check back often. 



3 thoughts on “WINNER ANNOUNCED and Answers to the Modern Manners Quiz

  1. YAY to Leslie!!!!! Congrats on winning Erin’s Blog Giveaway!!

    Ok, so…what happens if there is an emergency phone call while you are in public, or in the presence of someone else?? You wouldn’t know to tell them in advance! I’m sure this is an exception.

  2. Thanks, Erin! I was also thinking, a great etiquette topic might be retail etiquette…like how to interact with clerks, salespeople, request products, get great service, etc. Just an idea 🙂

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