Trend Tuesday – Cross-Body Bags

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are back with a vengeance this year, so you better get yours while their hot!  Although, I don’t really see them going out of style very soon because of the ease and versatility they lend the wearer.  Cross-body bags keep us hands free and stylish at the same time, not to mention the fact that they keep our belongings safer than other bags!  Check out a few of my favorite choices for the fall:

Forever 21’s Leatherette cross-body bag
Red by Marc Ecko Handbag, Alter Ego Flap Crossbody Bag Marc Ecko PVC cross-body bag from
Style&co. Handbag, Brilliant Studded Crossbody  Style & Co. bag made from polyurethane –  can be bought from
Olivia + Joy Handbag, Tiny Chain Crossbody  Olivia and Joy cross-body bag with chain detail- made from PVC- can be bought at
Notice how all of  my choices are “animal-friendly”!  🙂 
So tell me…Do you already own a cross-body bag?  If so, how do you utilize it?

4 thoughts on “Trend Tuesday – Cross-Body Bags

  1. Fun post! I do have a couple of cross body bags…all are made from non-animal material 🙂 I especially like this style of bag when traveling, shopping, or going to big events!

  2. I recently purchased a cross-body bag by Baggallini to bring on a European vacation. It was perfect for traveling since it’s hands-free. While the Baggallini bags aren’t the greatest-looking, they’re very practical. I picked mine up at TJ Maxx for a great price.

  3. love these practical crossbody bags, especially how some of them can be worn as shoulder bags. what a shame theyre not on some online bag sale. 😉

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