Modern Manners Monday – What to do when you make a mistake…

Have you ever had one of these moments?  You know the ones…like you forgot to do something really important, or you accidentally make an etiquette faux pas?  We all have and it’s life!  We are human and that’s what happens sometimes, unfortunately.  The main thing is how you handle the situation and that you learn from it. 

I am coming right out and telling you guys the HORRIBLE thing I did so each of you know that it’s ok to make mistakes – just pick yourself up by the bootstraps afterwards and move on.   So here it goes – I was recently asked by a BlogTalkRadio show host to be a guest on her show.  I, of course, accepted and we did the pre-interview phone call so we would feel comfortable with each other.  I was super excited about the opportunity and was planning on giving out free tips and a free year subscription to Panache Magazine.  I wrote the scheduled date of the interview in my calendar and went on with my business.  The week of the show, the host sent me the call-in info, etc. and I wrote it down in my calendar, too.  Well…a few days later I get a frantic facebook message asking me if I’m ok because I didn’t call in for my interview.  “OMG” was all I could think and say!  I was so flabbergasted by the fact that I have NEVER completely forgotten about an appointment.  Especially one that I was looking forward to and would have helped my business!  When I say I forgot I mean I totally forgot!!  It never even crossed my mind.  It was the strangest, not to mention, rudest thing I have ever done in my life.  It made me feel extremely embarrassed to the point where I was considering taking the service of “etiquette consulting” off of my website and material.  It was like a punch in the gut and it has affected me in a way that has made me stronger I think.  And that’s what I mean by “picking yourself up by the bootstraps.”  You will make mistakes, just make sure to apologize for them and learn from them as I have. 

Have you ever done anything like this?  If so, please don’t be afraid to share. 

You are awesome!

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