Trend Tuesday – The Colors of Fall

The Colors of Fall

Above are the official colors for fall 2010 as released by Pantone.  Pantone is THE authority when it comes to colors.  They set the standards and everyone else follows them…including fashion designers and nail polish creators.  For instance, compare the colors above to OPI’s latest fall color collection below –

Almost identical! 

Recently, I painted my nails and toenails in the “camo” green color (not the OPI official name) and have loved it!  But, I’m interested in what color you will be wearing once fall REALLY gets here!  So tell me…which color is your favorite? 

Erin Love

5 thoughts on “Trend Tuesday – The Colors of Fall

  1. Ooh, I don’t see the Pantone Color chart, but my friend makes polymer clay beads based off the chart for each season…I’m about to order some from her 🙂 Which color do you like best?
    By viewing THIS photo, I like that purply color in the top row, middle.

  2. Aaah I love them all, but I’ll also admit the last couple of years I’ve been especially drawn to the “mustardy” colors. We even painted our garage that color last year.

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