Modern Manners Monday – Perfect Your “Business Kit”

What Should Your “Business Kit” Contain?

Every professional person, whether they are self-employed or they work for someone else, should have a few key pieces that they should consider their “business kit.”  Being prepared could mean the difference in gaining a new client or getting that promotion you’ve been waiting on, so what are you waiting for?  Check out my tips below to make sure you have what you need in your business kit.

1.  Voicemail – Everyone should have a professional sounding answering service/voicemail on their cell phone, business phone, and home phone.  You never know when or how you will be contacted. 

2.  Fax – It is a good idea to have faxing capabilities no matter what business you are in.  Even though we are moving more and more toward a technological age, it can’t always be trusted.  You never know when your mail may get lost in “cyberspace.”

3. Email – Speaking of the technological age…it is definitely a must to be able to correspond via email, even though it can’t always be trusted.  You want to be as convenient to find and get in touch with as, if not more than, your competition. 

4.  Business Stationery – Stationery should be 8 1/2″ x 11″ and should be printed in black ink and a font that is easy to read.  Your name and address should appear either on the top or the bottom of the page.  Business stationery should be used for all business correspondence, but should not include thank you notes.

5.  Correspondence Cards – A correspondence card is simply a note card that can be used for handwritten notes.  They are smaller and are usually folded, but they do not have to be.  Again, though, anything printed on your correspondence card should be clear and easy to read and in black ink.  A handwritten note goes much farther than any other means of correspondence. 

6.  Business Cards – You didn’t think I would forget these did you?  I can’t express the need for business card enough!  They are the perfect little reminder for your clients, future clients, or future employer.  Be sure to carry them with you EVERYWHERE!  Stash some in your purse, your car, your pockets, etc.  But remember, your business cards should be professionally printed as well. 

Now!  You are all set to make a great first impression! 

Good luck!

Erin Love

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