Things I Love Friday

Things I Love This Week:

  • Shopping days with my friend!  (Amanda can you tell I wrote this during the time we were texting?) 
  • The fact that I just ordered some Envirosax for The Little Green Boutique!
  • I actually found a vegan that lives in MONROE!  OMG!  I am on cloud nine!
  • Mmmm…cheetos!  (chomp, chomp)
  • I am going to be interviewed on blog talk radio on the 16th of this month!  Woohoo! 
  • Tootsie Pops!  (I must be hungry)
  • Fergie’s new perfume from Avon! 

What are YOU loving this week?

2 thoughts on “Things I Love Friday

  1. Hmmm, believe it or not, I’m especially loving the first real fall weather day here which is a cloudy, blustery cold day. Also, the prospect of a 3 day weekend and spending time with friends and family.

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