Trend Tuesday – Serpent Jewelry


Serpent Jewels

Serpent/Snake jewelery and accessories have been around for quite a while now and, as someone who follows trends religiously and tries to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible, I don’t foresee the trend disappearing anytime soon.  After all, I remember the very first time I saw this trend reemerge…It was on the boho chic Nicole Ritchie AND it was wrapped seductively around her bicep a la Cleopatra-style.  In reality, the snake trend may have ebbed and flowed since that point, but it is definitely here to stay for a while now. 

The snake is an extremely sexy creature in the way it slowly slithers and uses its tongue to sense danger or prey, so it goes without saying that wearing jewels inspired by a snake would make the wearer feel sexier herself.  And that is precisely why this trend is here to stay.  Women want and deserve to feel sexy. 

But, as with all trends, a little serpent can go a long way.  Don’t get matchy, matchy with your jewelry.  In other words, choose one piece of serpent jewelry, not a bracelet, earrings, ring, and a necklace. One piece…and make it a big statement piece!  Keep all other accessories minimal. 

There are many, many choices out there, so have fun and choose a piece that melds well with your personal style.  If you are known for your love of large earrings, find some that incorporate snakes in some way.  Or if you are like me and love long statement making necklaces, search for a large and in charge pendant to add to your favorite chain.  Just go with what works for you and your budget. 

But, don’t forget to have fun!!  Fashion is all about fun and taking a risk.



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