I am OCD about …

I am OCD about:

  • How the cans are placed in my cabinets! 
  • How my dishwasher is loaded and unloaded!
  • How the toilets are cleaned!
  • How my animals are fed! 
  • Who messes with my radio ( I know this one is weird!)
  • How my magazine is laid out
  • How things are organized.  I can’t quite until it is JUST right! 

Hmmm…that’s all I can think of right now…but my husband can probably come up with some more!  🙂 

What are YOU OCD about?

3 thoughts on “I am OCD about …

  1. Oh, and I’m VERY OCD about fixing one’s messed up shirt collar, and also “strands or portions” of hair that have jumped to the wrong side of the part! LOL

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