Things I Love Friday

Things I Love Friday:

  •!  I won a $25 I-tunes gift card!  Thanks Jen!!! 
  • BOOKS!  For some reason I have become addicted to  Am I the only one?
  • Audio self-help books!  I recently read something that suggested successful people listen to audio cd’s and read self-help books for continuing education and that’s what helps them get ahead in business…so I decided I would try it.  I have to admit that it makes me feel alot more productive than before!  Does anyone else do this?  If so…please give me some tips on what book to buy next! 
  • True Blood on HBO!  I know what Sookie is!  🙂
  • Finally starting a daily schedule.  Thanks to my friend Cindy Duplechain (Mary Kay consultant) for the inspiration!
  • Speaking of Cindy…I love the new Networking/Mastermind entrepreneurial woman’s group that I created!  There are so many wonderful women!!
  • My label maker!  As a professional organizer I carry it with me at ALL times! 

What are you loving this week?

One thought on “Things I Love Friday

  1. Yay on the $25 gift card win!!
    Yes, I too am very addicted to I get most of my books, movies, music cds, and even my electronics purchases from there!
    I also took Cindy’s advice for the daily scheduled and made one last night for today. So far I’ve marked off 2 items and it’s only 11:30 am 🙂

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