Wonderful Finds Wednesday – Big Dipper Wax Works Candles

Big Dipper Wax Works PURE Beeswax Candles

Check out their story below! 

Good to Know

All of our wicks are made of 100% cotton. Our container candles have cotton wicks with plant fiber cores. Our wicks are primed with beeswax, not paraffin, which most other candle companies, even beeswax candle companies use. For several years now, it has been illegal in the US to manufacture candles with lead wicks. If you purchase candles that have been made in the US, you are most likely safe from lead. It is always a good idea to know not only what wax you are burning, but what wicks you are burning as well.

Beeswax gets is wonderful natural color and honey-like fragrance from the pollen and nectar of the flowers the bees are pollinating. The natural color of beeswax will vary greatly depending on the type of flower pollinated. Sometimes it can be dark brown, sometimes bright yellow, sometimes very pale yellow. We are always trying to keep our products consistent in color, but variations are inevitable due to the nature of the bees. Our natural beeswax candles are filtered via natural clay process that cleans the wax of impurities, yet allows the wax to retain its inherent color and aroma. Our colored beeswax candles have been dyed with eco-friendly dyes that do not contain hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene. Our dyes are never tested on animals. For the very sensitive customer who prefers nothing added to their candles, we recommend our natural, uncolored and unscented candles available in every line. Since we make and dye all of our candles in small batches by hand, and the beeswax is never 100% consistent in shade, there may be variations in color.

Organic Beeswax
We get lots of inquiries regarding organic wax. We do not use certified organic wax. The bulk of our wax is collected from beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest including BC. The crops in this region are the lowest in pesticide use around. Beware of beeswax coming from China, and other foreign countries, as the pesticide use in those regions is very high. If you are specifically looking to burn certified organic beeswax, be prepared to pay handsomely. Because it is so very expensive, it is mostly used in the food and cosmetic industry.

Soy Wax
Soy wax is an eco-friendly, renewable alternative to paraffin wax. Oil is extracted from the soybeans and hydrogenated. This process alters the melting point of the soy oil, making it a solid at room temperature. Our soy wax is made from soybeans grown by farmers in the United States. Soybeans are a completely renewable resource (in contrast to paraffin). While global reserves of oil continue to shrink, the American farming industry can continue to supply the demand for this crop. Soy wax is a very clean burning wax, with reduced carbon buildup and no pollutants. There are many choices when purchasing candles, soy wax is an excellent all natural option.

Bloom is the dust-like substance that appears on the surface of beeswax. It is your assurance that the wax is pure. Bloom is actually the sugar in the wax that has surfaced. Most often, bloom occurs when the wax has been exposed to significant temperature change, warm to cold. Most people enjoy the look of bloom, but if you would like to remove it, simply wipe off with a soft cloth. Another trick is to warm the wax with a hair dryer.

Removing Wax
Since beeswax contracts in cold temperatures, our favorite method of removing leftover wax from a container is to stick it into the freezer. After it has had a chance to cool, use a butter knife to carefully pop out the wax. Another technique is to warm container in oven on low heat just until the wax begins to melt, then pour out and wipe off residue with paper towel. Use care, as container can get very hot from oven.


If you live in the area you can stop by The Little Green Boutique and Salon to get your Pure Beeswax candles!  If not, let me know!  I don’t mind mailing them to you!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Finds Wednesday – Big Dipper Wax Works Candles

  1. oooh, I really want one of these! you have these in the shop now?? Wish I had learned of these just a few weeks prior as my cousin that just got wedding had a “bee” theme going and the bee on the invitations looked EXACTLY like the bee for these candles!

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