Things I Love Friday









Things I Love Friday

  • I love beading my own jewelry now!  My friend and jewelry designer, Amanda Daniel, taught me how to make beautiful handmade pieces and now I’m addicted!  Check out one of my designs at and check out Amanda’s online boutique at
  • Japanese Plus-Nyan House designed for cats and humans I love this picture of a house that was MADE for cats!  I would love to incorporate some of this into at least one room of my house! 
  • This Live Owl Cam!  This is AWESOME if you like to watch animals in their natural habitat!  This cam is hooked up inside of an owl box and the owl that lives in the box laid eggs a while back and they are just now starting to hatch!!  Check it out!
  • I love that I am a vegetarian, but I hate how few people in Monroe, Louisiana are, too.  😦 
  • I love shopping online.  There are SO many things to choose from!  However, I have recently learned to control myself. 
  • I love making time each week for small “celebrations”.  Thanks to Sandy Grason – Check her out! 
  • I love getting comments on my blogs!  (So please keep commenting!)
  • I love getting new products in for The Little Green Boutique! I recently received eco-friendly candles from Big Dipper Wax Works!  If you see something you’d like to try,let me know! 

What do you love this week?

6 thoughts on “Things I Love Friday

  1. I love your list and the reminder to stop and take a moment to think about what I love!

    Right now, I’m thinking I love trying new recipes especially if they’re posted by another blogger who’s tried them and loved how they turn out.

    Happy Weekend to you!

    1. Valerie – I am excited about the possibility of adding some of these ideas to my home one day, too!

      Regarding a hidden litter box…I love the idea of putting it inside a cabinet and cutting a hole in the cabinet door. Also, I didn’t have that option in my home, so I bought a room divider and hid the litter boxes behind it!

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