20 of my favorite things

Today is day 6 of my 30 Day Blogging Journal!  Yay!!  I haven’t skipped a day yet, so I’m off to a great start!  Please feel free to join in!

20 of my favorite things:

 My Too Faced Glamour Gloss!  I have two colors of this gloss in my purse at ALL times!  I found this lip gloss on a shopping excursion to Ulta with one of my friends! 

 My new pink FiloFax!!  LOVE it!

 Lucky Magazine is the best magazine!!  I highly recommend it, especially for fashion lovers!

Frogs!  I used to go frog “hunting” when I was little.  I would carry around a five pound bucket and fill it with toads!  Then I’d kiss them all and let them go.  Unfortunately, they never turned into a prince!  😦 

Silver bangles!  Every woman needs a pair of silver bangles! 

Skinceuticals Phloretin -I have been using this antioxidant infused serum for quite a while now and can definitely tell a difference in my skin.

  I think I’m addicted to Bath & Body Works.  I literally HAVE to buy something every time I go near that store!  I love it!! 

  I am a vegetarian so I use this as a meat replacement for spaghetti, tacos, etc.  It’s yummy!  Promise! Hey…why don’t you try Meatless Mondays?  Find out more at www.meatlessmondays.com

  Forever 21 is a great place to find inexpensive trendy/fashionable clothing.  And it’s not just for those who are 21 and under!  Check out my other blog www.denimeveryday.wordpress.com to see how I”ve worked some of their items into my wardrobe!

 These “Hip Huggers” are awesome!  I love them!! 

These candles are eco-friendly and they smell great!!  Plus the glass jars they come in are reuseable!  (You can get this and the item above at my eco-friendly boutique, The Little Green Boutique!)

 Seven for All Mankind’s “Ginger” jean.  This jean looks good on EVERY figure!  Trust me…

Old Navy has some great pajama bottoms!  You can wear them long or roll them up.  Comfy, comfy! 

 My pink Papermate pen! I know it sounds silly, but it really makes it more fun to write! 

 My black file box!  I keep this box in my car with all of my important items, such as my journals, magazine tear-outs, planners, etc. 

 Victoria’s Secret “Secret Embrace” push-up bra – I don’t look as good as this model does in this bra, but nonetheless, it’s still a great bra! 

Wine Away – I keep this with me whenever I’m working a wedding!  It works!!  Promise!  (Note – just read the directions!!)

 Speaking of wine…

 The classic wayfarer sunglasses!  I love sunglasses of all shapes and sizes, but I always feel stylish when I grab these. 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Mmmm…I gotta go!  I’m hungry!  🙂

What are a few of your favorite things?

8 thoughts on “20 of my favorite things

  1. Erin:

    I love your this blog post with all the pictures of your favorite things. Some of the things listed above are my all time favorites too. The Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream- the temptation is like to go out and buy one. Look forward to seeing more of your blog post. Have a great day.


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