30 Day Blog Journal – Day 3

My Favorite Television Program

To tell you the truth I try not to watch alot of tv, but there are a few shows I recommend:

Pit Boss

Pit Boss

Please take the time to watch this show at least once.  Not only will you see the plight that is dealt animals, of all breeds, but you will see the sheer will power that these “litte people” have and how much they can accomplish without the least bit of hesitation.  This show is a must see for everyone. 

Have you seen this program?  If so, I’d love your feedback! 


For those of you who need a few fashion tips I recommend:

What Not to Wear

What Not To Wear

Stacy and Clinton really do know a thing, or two, about style and fashion!  Although I don’t agree with their opinions 100% of the time, their justifications behind their decisions really make sense and are great for those of us who need a few good fashion tips! 

Do you like What Not To Wear?  Please tell! 


One more…

For those of you who are organizationally challenged I recommend checking out this show:

Mission:  Organization

I’m actually not sure if this show actually airs anymore, but I recommend going to HGTV to purchase all of the episodes, no matter how old they are!  This show is by far my favorite organization show because it shows you step by step how to organize a room, plus they give you great tips and tricks in the process! 

Did any of you ever watch this show? 

I can’t wait to read your comments!

4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Journal – Day 3

  1. I need to watch that Mission: Organization show! We’re starting to lean away from the idea of putting my jewelry making spot in the closet as my back will be to the rest of the room, and I’ll be stuck in a cubby hole. Also, from where I’m sitting now, i can catch a glance at the TV. Maybe I need to get one of those built up desks with lots of shelving. Still want to get rid of that clunky computer desk and rearrange the book shelves.

  2. Oh I’ve watched that show many times and loved it. Alot of really great tips that seem so simple. Makes us wonder why we didn’t think of it ourselves! I haven’t seen the show on HG lately but I would love to know when it’s on (if at all) if anyone knows.

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