Things I Love Friday



  • I LOVE that I found this frog and heart to use with this post every Friday!  Yay!! 
  • I love frogs!  (obviously)
  • I love the color pink!  (I keep stating the obvious!) 
  • Enough of that… I love when I let someone out of a driveway/parking lot/etc. and they wave at me!! 
  • I love my new blogging communities!!  (Thankyou ladies!!)
  • I love when my Daddy decides to be generous and give me a little mad cash.  🙂  (That happened today!  Don’t tell my husband.)   I love my Daddy!!  And Mommy!! 
  • I love my new pink Filofax!  It’s much better than the big black bulky Office Depot appointment book I was carrying! 
  • I love getting coupon in the mail from my favorite stores!! 
  • I love when something I’m partly dreading turns out so wonderfully!  (I had to do a presentation recently and I get VERY nervous!)
  • I love my new inspiration books!! 

What are you loving today?

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