30 Day Blog Journal – Day 1

I am so excited to get started on this 30 Day Blog Journal!  I hope that you all learn a lot about me and some of you get inspiration to start this journal so I can learn more about YOU!  Please feel free to leave comments about your blog or just about my post! 

My Favorite Song –

I really have more than one favorite song…but if I had to really choose ONE song that I could listen to over and over without getting tired of it it would be this one:

But for all of you FASHIONISTAS out there I recommend this song be added to your playlist:

When I have a fashion show this is ALWAYS in the playlist!  I can’t help it!! 

So, come on!!  Tell me your favorite song(s)!!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Journal – Day 1

  1. Into the Mystic is a classic! I have in on my Ipod and it makes a regular appearance on my playlists every time. It’s funny that you posted that one because I posted Free by Zac Brown. I have dvr’d a Crossroads episode where Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett did a duet on a Free/Into the Mystic medley. They did a really good job on it! I wish it was available on Itunes.


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