Things I Love Friday

  • I love little kittens!  I know, I know!  I already have a TON of cats, but a needy kitty can’t be turned away!  It’s really a sad story.  My Daddy owns a heavy equipment business and there has been a large farm tractor that has been sitting on the yard for a while so a mommy kitty decided to make it her home.  Well, the owner came to pick up the machine yesterday and…I told them not to tell me the complete story, but the mommy kitty and two kittens didn’t make it.  This is the only one that did.

Now who could resist that face?  Her eyes aren’t even open and I have to feed her from a bottle (although that isn’t going very well – any suggestions?)

  • I love my new froggie key cap!  It looks similar to this one!  I got it on ebay!! 


What have you loved this week?

6 thoughts on “Things I Love Friday

  1. I too love the fresh clean shower feel…and I also use Twilight Woods lotion! How ironic, and funny! Guess we ARE meant to be friends 😉

    I love air conditioning…it’s been so stinkin’ hot this week!
    I love that my Sister-in-Law and nieces are visiting home for a month and a half (they currently live in Japan…thanks to the Navy!(
    I love Chloe, my Pug…Everyone knows this already but I think it’s ok to say it over and over 🙂
    I love the new pairs of Yellow Box sandals I purchased from Avenue Shoes today!

  2. We had luck with a medicine syringe. It fit perfectly in that tiny mouth and I could control how much milk went in 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Jen! I really appreciate you commenting on my blog AND for saying the kitty is lucky. 🙂 She is doing much better than when I posted that on Friday, too! Yay! I will keep following your blog, too!!

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