Things I Love…

Things I Love:

Getting things done;  kitties curled up on my desk;  my lime green necklace that I bought from HSN (yes, I shop on home shopping networks sometimes);  finding new items to put in The Little Green Boutique (check out;  coupons – I think it is a sign a buy too much but I like them anyway.  I just got a Victoria’s Secret gift card in the mail today.  I love…working late;  getting to see my dog, Prada, so excited to see me when I get home (I had to leave her at home this morning because I had a meeting); new opportunities;  getting a subscription to Panache Magazine in the mail!  Yay!  I also love sunglasses, neck massages, and lipgloss.

What are you loving today?

2 thoughts on “Things I Love…

  1. Let’s see, I, too, love seeing and playing with my dog, Chloe. I also love sunglasses. I love my handmade silver Fleur de Lis ring and my handmade “Bella” inspired Moonstone Ring..I wear one of them EVERY day. I love my upcycled/recycled sneakers by Simple. I love that today is “Thriday”…Yes, I am off on Fridays so today is my “Friday”!!

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