Topsy Turvy Thursday – Fashion Inspiration

I am forever reading magazines and blogs to get inspiration for my blog, my magazine, my radio show, etc. and I ran across these pictures that have given me a good idea for the next fashion photo shoot for Panache Magazine, as well as, some new outfits for me!!  What do you think? 

DKNY Roxanne Trench, Scribble-Print Tank & Lace-Up Skinny JeansTory Burch Raquel Wildcat Top & Denim LeggingsTheory Cotton Boyfriend Jacket, Stretch-Silk Top & Julie SkirtJuicy Couture Daisy-Embroidered Terry Hoodie & Baby-Snap LeggingsPringle 1815 Contrast Top & Ticking-Stripe Skirt

I love all of these outfits!  Look for me to replicate them in the next Panache Magazine.  Of course, they will be more affordable than these outfits! 

Stay tuned!

Erin Sharplin Love

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