Manic Monday – Five Minute Organizing Challenge (Medicine Cabinet)

Today your five-minute challenge is to organize your medicine cabinet!  You can do it in five minutes or less by following my tips below:

  1. Begin by removing all expired and/or unuseable medicine and first aid accessories.  (Don’t flush medicine down the toilet!  Contact your pharmacist for further instruction)
  2. Organize all medicine according to useage.  For instance, put all of the sinus medication together, all of the pain medication together, all of the first aid accessories together, etc. 
  3. Create spaces for each item by using small baskets to break up the area a little.  Baskets are especially handy for the medicines you take daily because all you have to do is grab the basket and everything is right there! 
  4. Do not put any items back in the cabinet that do not belong.  For instance, gum and headbands do not belong in a medicine cabinet.  Find another home for them. 

Remember that it isn’t a good idea to store medicine in your bathroom, especially if it is a small one.  The heat and humidity from the shower may cause damage to the efficacy of your medicines. 

Now…you have the rest of the evening to relax!  You are one step closer to a more organized home.

Remember to check back next week for your next five-minute challenge.

Erin Sharplin Love

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