Manic Monday – 9 Quick Ways to Make-over Your Closet

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get your closet organized! Below are my top 9 tips for getting organized…FAST! 

1.  Change your hangers to all matching hangers.  My faves are the heavy-duty, clear, plastic hangers that you normally find in boutiques.

2.  Utilize your closet door.  You can buy many different over-the-door organizers, such as one for hats, belts, shoes, almost anything!

3.  Store out-of-season shoes in plastic shoe boxes or an under-the-bed organizer. 

4.  Keep your closet in check with storage bins and hanging organizers. 

5.  Buy shelving to organize your shoes on!  Get them off of the floor!

6.  Make the label maker your friend! You can create labels for every part of your closet. 

7.  Group clothing by color and category.

8.  Stow a collapsible stepladder so you can reach things on the top shelves (because I know you always use your vertical space!)

9.  Make organizing your closet an ongoing process that you revisit every couple of months 

It only takes a few minutes to an hour to do each one of the tips above.  Carve out an hour a day or an hour a week and you’ll knock them out in no time! 

Erin Sharplin Love

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