Manic Monday – Simple Organizing Rules to Follow

Whether you are organizing your office or your closet, there are rules to follow that will help you through whatever space you are tackling.  

1.  If it’s broken, toss it.  If it is broken, but can be fixed easily, give yourself a small amount of time to get it repaired – like one week.  If you don’t make the appropriate repairs, toss it for good.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

2.  If it’s missing parts, toss it.  For instance, if you have a game that is missing major parts, toss it.  What are the chances you’ll find the missing piece(s).

3.  If you don’t use it, you don’t need it.  It is just taking up space!  Donate it to someone who will use it!

4.  If it does the same thing as something else you already have, you don’t need it.  For instance, if you typically use your blender as a food processor, why do you need a food processor? 

5.  If you haven’t used it in two years or more, you don’t need it.  Most professional organizers give the one year or out rule, but I’m a little more lenient because there are some years that certain items just don’t need to be used.  For instance, I won’t necessarily wear all of my sweaters, jackets, or coats every year, but I know I will most likely use them the next year.  Follow my lead.

6.  If you can’t stand to lose it, find another use for it.  For instance, I have a coffee cup that was my grandmother’s and I don’t use it as a coffee cup.  Instead I use it as a toothbrush holder.  It reminds me of my Mammaw and I am utilizing it in a useful way.  It’s not just sitting on the cabinet shelf. 

If you follow my simple organizing rules you’ll find yourself making decisions more quickly during each and every organizing project.  Good luck and happy organizing! 

Erin Sharplin Love

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