Manic Monday – Hidden Spaces in Your Kitchen

As a professional organizer, it is my job to help my clients see their spaces in a new light and help them think outside the box.  I help them find space where they first thougth there was none.  Every space has almost the same amount of potential…you just have to find it!  Read below for my tips on finding the hidden spaces in your kitchen:

Top shelves are the most underutilized spots in cabinets…especially kitchen cabinets.  Don’t forget about your vertical space!!  Buy a few stacking racks to extend the space on your top shelf and use them to place items that aren’t used very often such as holiday plates and vases.

  Use the space under your cabinets.  You can install racks that will hold stemware.  The only problem with that is that you should only place stemware there that is used often, otherwise they will just become dustables.  And that’s no fun!  You can also use the space under your cabinets to install a paper towel holder or they even make kits for you to be able to install your can openers and other small appliances.

Don’t forget about the inside of your cabinet doors.  The inside of your cabinet doors are perfect for small items such as pot holders, gloves, and even aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

That’s just a taste of a few of the hidden spaces that are in your kitchen right now!  If you kn9ow of some that I haven’t mentioned be sure to let me know!! 

Erin Sharplin Love

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