Manic Monday – Be Organized From the Moment You Walk Through Your Door!

Can you imagine walking through the door after a hard day of work and it actually be a relaxing and enjoyable experience?  Well, I can help you make it a reality!  A few minutes of concentration in your entryway is all that is needed.  Just follow my tips below!

1.  Get an umbrella stand.  A ceramic one is best as it won’t rust or rot from wet umbrellas.  You can also store any other items that will stand upright, too, like baseball bats, for instance.

2.  Hang some coat hooks on the wall near the door.  They are great for coats, hats, purses, book bags, scarves, etc. and they make retrieving them extremely convenient!

3.  Corral your shoes and boots by using an old tray by the door.  Nothing is messier than a pile of shoes by the door.

4.  Create a station for your keys, wallet, and other essentials that you need as you walk out the door.  You’ll never lose your keys again! 

Now that didn’t take long did it!! 

Erin Sharplin Love

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