Terrible Tuesday – Make First Impressions Last…In a Good Way

First impressions can be perfect or they can be disastrous but they are almost always lasting impressions.  My objective with this post is to make sure you know how to ensure you make a good, lasting impression. 

When you meet someone for the first time your main goal should be  to make the other person feel welcome and important…not intimidated.  Make eye contact and give him or her your full attention, but also remember to respect the other person’s space.  Don’t be too touchy or stand too closely.

Before stepping into a situation where you will need to make a good first impression always conduct a thirty second check of yourself.  After all, image is everything!  Check your hair, your teeth, your nose, check for unbuttoned buttons or an unzipped zipper and always take a quick look at the back of yourself, too!

Here are a few more quick tips to make sure you ace your first impressions:

1.  Don’t chew gum.  It looks tacky.

2.  Always stand for introductions.

3.  Don’t fidget.  Fidgeting makes you look nervous and unsure of yourself.

Have I left something out?  Can you think of anything else that could help make a good first impression?

Erin Sharplin Love


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