Manic Monday – Getting Organized is Rewarding!

Getting organized is a huge undertaking so I like to use the reward system to keep my clients motivated.  If you are currently in the organizing process and find yourself stalling out, why not make a plan to reward yourself as you reach your organizing goals.  Below are a few of the rewards I use for myself and my clients.  Feel free to steal them!  🙂 

1.  Get your car washed and detailed.  There’s nothing like a squeaky clean car!

2.  Treat yourself to a movie or a play of some sort.  We all need some time to enjoy ourselves!

3.  Have all of your jewelry professionally cleaned.  This is the perfect reward for after you organize your jewelry draw!  

4.  Break out the fine china and order take-out! 

5.  Indulge in your favorite dessert.  After all…you worked hard enough to have already worked those calories off! 

Notice that none of my rewards entail adding to your disorganization.  Shopping really shouldn’t be one of the rewards because you will only be tempted to add to your clutter. 

Do you have a good idea for a reward?  Let me know!

Erin Sharplin Love


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