“Manic Monday” – New Uses for Old Things

I got the inspiration for this article from an ongoing column that is featured in Real Simple Magazine.  Real Simple always comes up with interesting uses for things, but I realized that I actually do the same thing while I’m organizing spaces.  There is always a time when I need to come up with my own uses for new things and I thought they may come in handy for you, too:

Empty water bottles – I often use empty water bottles to help tall boots retain their shape.   I’ve also cut  the bottom off of a bottle and used it as a plastic bag dispenser.

Toilet Paper and/or Paper Towel Cardboard Inserts – I use the cardboard inserts, that are leftover when the paper towels or toilet paper runs out, to wrangle cords behind a desk.  I’ve also used paper towel inserts to organize christmas lights after they come off of the tree for the year.  simply wrap the lights around the cardboard and tuck the ends into the end openings. 

Ice Cube Trays – Fortunately, many of us have automatic ice makers so our old ice cube trays seem to be null and void.  Not so fast!  Those trays make great drawer organizers!!  I actually use them to organize jewelry most often. 

Old Pillow Cases – Don’t just throw those old pillow cases in the trash!  You can use them to cover your out-of-season clothing!  Just cut a small slit in the sewn end of the case and then slide the hanger into it.  Voila!  Instant clothing bag! 

If you have any tips for using old items in new ways…please let me know! 

Erin Sharplin Love


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