“Terrible Tuesday” – Buffet Etiquette

There are tons of different functions that require us to stand in line for a buffet instead of having a served meal.  For instance, most weddings and fundraisers offer buffets out of convenience rather than a sit down meal.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to behave in a buffet line.  To ensure you are not one of them, read below.


Be Patient!  That is the number one rule of buffet etiquette.  Don’t stand behind someone with your hand on your hip or mumbling and breathing hard.  It’s just uncalled for.

2.  Never cut in line!  The food will be replenished if it happens to get low or run out. 

3.  Use the Serving Utensils – Never use your fingers to sift through the chicken strips, for instance, to find the exact piece you want.  If there are no serving utensils provided, either ask someone for some or if you MUST use your fingers ONLY touch the ONE piece of food that you place on your plate.

4.  Save the eating part until you make it to your seat.  Although I know the food looks and smells great, please hold off on nibbling until you get to your table.

Now next time you find yourself standing neck to neck in a buffet line you will know just how to act…and react! 

Erin Sharplin Love


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