“Topsy-Turvy Thursday” – My Top 3 Favorite Magazines

I love to read, but for some reason my favorite things to read are mostly magazines!  I do read a few pages in a “self-help” book of choice every night, though.  I remember when I could read an entire Mary Higgins Clark book in one day.  What happened to those days?  Now I just like reading things that I feel make a difference in my life…in my knowledge.  Oh well, maybe one day I’ll again enjoy a good ‘ol murder mystery.  Until then here are my favorite magazines:

Lucky Magazine has tons of inspiration for outfits and tons of great advice for the best blogs and shopping sites!  I recommend this magazine to all of my clients.

Natural Health Magazine is sort of a one stop shop for everything that interests me.  There are articles on pets, beauty, green living, fashion, etc.!  It is filled with great tips and resources. 

Whenever I run across this magazine in my stack I immediately get excited.  I love the heartwarming stories in this magazine, but that’s not all it has to offer.  You’ll find easy do-it-yourself recipes for doggie treats, new and interesting pet products, and a doggie fashion spread.  I sort of got inspiration from this magazine for Panache Magazine. 

Speaking of…I can’t leave out my magazine!  Panache Magazine!! 

Panache Magazine is a magazine devoted to providing you with quick and easy to read articles about fashion trends, green living, pets, health, fitness, organizing, manners, and tons more topics!  I love writing and I am so thankful that people like reading my writing. 

Erin Sharplin Love


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