“Terrible Tuesday” – Just for Guys: How to be a Gentleman

Has the art of being a gentleman passed us by?  It seems to me that with each passing year, men get less gentlemanly when they should actually be getting more gentlemanly.  These days everyone is in a hurry or they don’t pay attention to anything, or anyone, except their Blackberry.  On the other hand, some men tend to think that not holding a door or not paying for dinner will make the woman feel as their equal (you know…the whole feminism thing), but, while that may be so, men will realize that those women just turn out to be friends and/or acquaintances instead of lovers and wives.  Men…it’s time to bring chivalry back!  I promise you’ll feel better about yourself and you will gain the attention of many women.  No doubt!

Follow these SIMPLE tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a gentleman:

1.  Hold doors open – even car doors! 

2.  Pay for meals…even if you were the one who was asked out!  ‘

3.  Allow the woman to do everything first, unless she asks you to do otherwise. 

4.  Never flirt or conversate too long with another woman while you are on a date!

5.  Talk about common interests…not your interests only. 

6.  Send her flowers…just because!

7.  Do something romantic every now and then. 

8.  Be nice to animals and other people!  Nothing is as unattractive as someone who is rude and/or who mistreats or dislikes animals.  That is purely my opinion,but I am positive other women would agree.

9.  Remove your hat at the dinner table.

10. Give up your seat for the elderly and women.

11.  Dress appropriately

Above are all very simple things that you, as men, can do to maintain or improve your reputation as a gentleman.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Erin Sharplin Love


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