“Terrible Tuesday” – Thank You Note Tips

Unfortunately, the invention of text messaging, instant messaging, and email have all but halted one of the most important parts of etiquette in my opinion – the thank you note.  There is nothing like receiving a handwritten thank you note from someone.  Handwriting a note is more personal and shows you took the time to really think about and appreciate the person you are thanking. 

Thank you note

Here are a few tips for writing the perfect thank you note:

1.  Write thank you notes within a timely manner, but if you forget…it’s better late than never!

2.  Always make a specific reference  in the note – whether about the gift or nice gesture or about the person who gave the gift or nice gesture.

3.  Use appropriate paper.  In other words, don’t use a torn out piece of notebook paper.

Thank you notes are definitely required, in my opinion, for the following:

Wedding Gifts

After receiving sympathy cards, gifts, etc.

Baby Shower Gifts

After a party was hosted in your honor

After being entertained by a friend or boss

After receiving gifts from a hospital stay

After an overnight stay at someone’s home

Hmmm…I really can’t think of any more, but the rule I typically follow is if someone went out of their way to do something nice for you they should have a handwritten thank you note in return.

Erin Sharplin Love


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