“Terrible Tuesday” – How to Behave When Volunteering Your Time

I whole-heartedly believe in giving your time, money, and support to a philanthropy that touches your heart.  I choose to support animal-friendly organizations, but you may have a soft spot for cancer survivors, for intance, or disabled veterans.  It truly doesn’t matter which organization you choose to support..it only matters that you do actually choose an organization to support.  And then it matters that you display proper etiquette when you begin to volunteer with the organization.  Below are a few tips to get you on your way:

Keep your word – If you say you are going to volunteer your time or that you will donate money, do it!  These organizations operate solely off of donations and most of the employees are volunteers themselves.  They need and appreciate all the help they can get. 

Act professionally – Although volunteer work may be fun and a stress reliever for you, it doesn’t give you an excuse to forget your business etiquette.  After all, most philanthropic organizations operate as a business themselves.

Be discrete – It’s ok to tell your friends and family about your favorite organization, but if you are privy to some personal information about the organization…keep it to yourself. 

Dress appropriately – Do a little research before volunteering your time at an event.  Each event calls for a different dress code.  For instance, a “Black and White Ball” wouldn’t require the same outfit as the “Bowling for PAWS” would. 

What organization is near and dear to your heart?  I would love to learn about different non-profits. 

Erin Sharplin Love


2 thoughts on ““Terrible Tuesday” – How to Behave When Volunteering Your Time

  1. I volunteer at our local mission in Rayville, Care & Share.
    We give out food and clothing to needy families in Richland Parish. We are open on Tuesday and Friday morning. Volunteers are always needed;)

  2. Tyler and I adopted a child through World Vision. She is from Malawi and her name is Malijesi. We send a donation every month that provides food/clean water, healthcare and other needs. We can also send fun gifts like color books or head bands. She sends us progress reports and pictures often.

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