“Manic Monday” – One Change a Week Challenge…

This week I thought it would be fun to tackle your junk drawer!  But first, I recommend going to purchase a junk drawer organizer.  You will definitely need it and they are reasonably priced!  They even make ones that have labels you can stick in the bottom of each cubby so there will be sure to be no mistake about where something goes!  Check this one out – DV International Junk DrawerYou can pick this one up at any Target. 

Now…it’s time to tackle that junk drawer!

1.  Pour out the contents of the junk drawer and immediately toss anything that is trash.

2.   Take out the items that already have a home elsewhere and return them to that spot immediately. (Notice I am saying “immediately” after each task.  That’s because if you put it off, it may never get done.

3.  Begin sorting through the “junk.”  Check the labels that came with the junk drawer organizer.  (If your organizer didn’t come with labels you can make your own!  Don’t worry!)  As you are sorting, pair likes with likes, etc. 

4.  Notice the size of each pile and begin placing labels inside the appropriate spots. 

5.  Put all of the “junk” items in their appropriate spot neatly inside the drawer organizer. 

Junk Drawer Organizer - photoNow your drawer should look something like this! 

If you stick with my weekly challenge I can guarantee you that you will feel calmer and more relaxed each and every time you enter your home.

Erin Sharplin Love



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