“Terrible Tuesday” – Family Matters, Too!

Topic: Free Hug Chain,

 Day to day we are on our best behavior – at work, at a restaurant, at friend’s homes, etc. – but are you as well-mannered when you are with your family?  I have to admit that sometimes I will let my manners slip by the wayside when I am in the presence of my parents or my husband, so go ahead and admit it yourself.  🙂  It does raise  a question for me, though. Why?  Why should we treat those we love the most any different than strangers?  I understand that it is much more comfortable around family so it is easier to let your guard down and relax.  After all, we all need to relax every now and then.  But let’s try something different.  I’ll do it with you!  Let’s try displaying proper etiquette around our family, too.  Try not to let your guard down so much that you treat your family worse than you do strangers. 

Let me know how it makes you feel.  I have a feeling we will all feel better about ourselves after this little challenge. 

Erin Sharplin Love


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