“Topsy-Turvy Thursday” – Dog Fights

I ran across this article on Fox News and it really dumbfounds me how this kind of thing can keep going on.  Especially after the Michael Vick case. I hope these people get the same punishment Vick did.  I have only one other thing to say…It is a PROVEN FACT that the first step of most serial killers is to abuse animals! 

“The arrests this week of a Little League coach, a registered nurse and a teacher during the largest coordinated raids on dogfighting in U.S. history confirm the shadowy blood sport is alive and well despite tough laws across the country.

More than 400 dogs, including some about to give birth to puppies, were rescued in the raids by federal, state and local authorities Wednesday and Thursday in six states: Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Mississippi, officials said.”

Erin Sharplin Love


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