“Terrible Tuesday” – Should you correct a friend?

If you are my friend and you’ve mispronounced a word, used the incorrect utensil, or done something totally incorrect, I have no doubt that I corrected you.  However, as an etiquette teacher I know the correct way and the incorrect way to let someone know they’ve made a booboo.  For instance, it is never appropriate to correct someone when you are in front of other friends and/or acquantainces, unless you are specifically asked.  Instead, wait until the right moment to make the correction.  Also, I never correct someone if their booboo will never garner a negative reaction from somene else.  For instance, if one of my friends sends a thank you by email instead of handwriting a thank you note I will not say anything.  Any thank you is better than none.  However, if one of my friends mispronounces a word while giving a speech,I will most certainly correct her or him because that is something that the audience, for instance, would look down upon. 

So, in closing, it is ok to correct someone.  Just do it at the right time and make sure you are RIGHT! 


Erin Sharplin Love


One thought on ““Terrible Tuesday” – Should you correct a friend?

  1. I agree that there are appropriate times to correct a friend. I also believe that no one wants to be around someone that is constantly correcting them;) I happen to spend time with a person that is constantly correcting me. We’re not talking about how I speak or etiquette issues but about how I should think…sheeeesh!

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