“Manic Monday” – The Keys to Organizing Success

One of the main obstacles in the organzing process is STAYING organized.   As a professional organizer I can organize until my hearts content but if my clients do not keep the space organized my efforts are fruitless.  So, with that in mind, I always like to leave a few tips with my clients after the organizing process.  

The key to staying organized is self discipline.  Plain and simple.  That’s why staying organized is the hardest part of the organizing process.  Below are a few tips for incorporating self discipline into your everyday life. 

  • Go through your mail immediately upon retreiving it from your mailbox.  Sort each item into it’s appropriate spot so you can take the appropriate steps later.  Throw all trash into the recycle bin.
  • Replace every item after each use.  For instance, it takes one second to replace the bottle of lotion after you’ve used it. 
  • Hang up your clothing at the end of each day.  Or throw them in the appropriate clothing hamper
  • Having a “to file” tray is ok as long as you empty the tray on a weekly basis.  Any longer and the chances of it getting emptied are slim. 
  • Create a “cleaning basket” that you can tote around when you are cleaning the house. 

Basically, just devise easy solutions for everyday occurences and you’ll find it easy to stay organized! 

Erin Sharplin Love


One thought on ““Manic Monday” – The Keys to Organizing Success

  1. Erin,

    A while back I heard that we should use those “postage paid” envelopes to send a “Take Me off your Mailing List”
    notice to all those credit card companies and junk mail that often ends up in our mailboxes. I was faithful to do that for a month or so and I really noticed a difference in the amount of junk mail I received. It helped me with the amount of mail to sort through and throw away.
    Have you heard about this?

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