“Terrible Tuesday” – What happened to The Golden Rule?

I feel like ranting just a bit about the way my assistant is treated sometimes when she approaches potential ad sales clients for Panache Magazine.   I just received a phone call from her and she is having a tough time because some of the businesses I send her to are very rude.  And the thing that upsets me about this the most is that most of the places I send her have people that I know and run in to quite often.  I hope some of you are reading this blog right now.  I really don’t understand what would make anyone be rude to my assistant.  I have NEVER been rude or disrespectful to any of you and would never even consider being rude.  Here are a few tips for all business owners and their employees:

1.  Pretend like every person that walks into your business can be a potential client or friend.  You would never be ugly to any of them.

2.  Follow the golden rule with EVERYONE!  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  

3.  A smile goes a long way.  You never know who will walk in the door and how you can make their day by simply smiling. 

4.  It’s ok to turn a sales person down.  The difference is in HOW you turn them down.   

Please be considerate and kind.  There is absolutely no reason to be ugly. 

Erin Sharplin Love


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