“Wedding Wednesday” – Ways to SAVE MONEY on your wedding!


Planning a wedding can end up being an extremely costly experience if the prospective bride and groom do not prepare and follow a reasonable budget.  To do so, the couple must first agree on what their priorities will be.  For instance, they must decide whether it is more important to spend the most money on catering and less on the decorations, or if they prefer to splurge on a band and drinks.   In order to have a dream wedding but still stick to a prepared budget, you must “cut corners” in every way possible.  Below are some great ideas on how to save money during the wedding planning process as well as on the wedding day.


Choose a small wedding partyThink about it…you will to buy more gifts if you have a large number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girls, and ring bearers.  You will also have to spend more on catering, bouquets, and boutonnieres for the ceremony. 


Do some things yourself – For instance, you can save yourself the extra cost of having your invitations professionally addressed if you do it yourself.  Have your bridesmaids help you and turn it into a girl’s night.  You can also create your own party favors or purchase all the alcohol ahead of time.  Another thing that you can handle yourself would be to print the ceremony programs. 


Choose typography instead of engraving – The most formal as well as expensive invitation printing process is engraving, but there is another process that looks almost like engraving but costs a lot less – typography.  The only way to tell if an invitation is engraved is by the raised letters on the back of the invitation.  Many people will not take the time to examine the invitation so closely.


Choose a naturally beautiful place for your ceremony or reception, or both  This will save you immensely on the cost of decorations and flowers.  For example, choose a beautiful park, flower garden, or ornately designed church for your ceremony or reception. 


Talk to your florist about which flowers are “in season”  If you have your heart set on hydrangeas, but you are getting married in a winter month, you will have to have the hydrangeas shipped from another state or even country.  As you can imagine, the cost of shipping special flowers can get exorbitant, so stick with flowers that are readily available in your area.


Budgeting is a natural, and necessary part of planning a wedding.  With a little “nipping and tucking” of details you can plan the wedding of your dreams on that budget. 


If you have any neat ideas on how to save money on a wedding please leave me a comment!

Erin Sharplin Love


One thought on ““Wedding Wednesday” – Ways to SAVE MONEY on your wedding!

  1. Cutting back on my wedding party helped tremendously! Plus, my only bridesmaid got to pick her own dress and is getting a much nicer attendant’s gift than if I had chosen 12 girls.

    I also did an email save the date. Saving money here let me go with more memorable invitations, which I think will make a more lasting impression in the long run! Plus it’s a little bit greener. Perfect for Earth month!

    Love the post. I’ve been trying to plan a wedding that is cost efficient for myself while also trying to work with vendors that have good reputations for giving back to the community. Read more about it at http://herecomestheblog.wordpress.com

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