“Manic Monday” – Organizing Your Intimates…

As a professional organizer, I often run in to weird situations, but it’s always a touchy subject when it comes to organizing someone’s underwear drawer.  Underwear is a very intimate piece of clothing but it is rarely treated as such when it comes to organizing.  Most of my clients have their intimates shoved in a drawer with no rhyme or reason to them.  But it is so much better, for bras especially, to have them seperated and folded correctly. 

First, take all of your underwear out of the drawers and seperate them according to type.  For instance, put all of your bras together and organize them according to style (strapless, padded, etc.)  Do the same for your underwear (thongs, full back, low rise, etc.) 

Purchase a drawer organizer.  This one is perfect for underwearDiamond Drawer Organizer ...Just fold and stuff!  You can go even further by organizing each style by color! 

The best way to organize your bras is by standing them up in a drawer and nesting one inside of the other.  This way they will retain their shape. 

Another great addition to your underwear drawer would be a sachet.  Choose your favorite scent and nest one in each drawer to give your intimates a nice, pleasant smell. 

Now, next time you are looking for that black, strapless bra and your sexy black thongs, you’ll know right where they are and they will be in perfect condition! 

Hope this helps!

Erin Sharplin Love


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