“Fashionable Friday” – Am I Going To Regret Wearing High-Heels?

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I wear high-heels EVERY DAY…even when I am organizing a closet or coordinating a wedding.  I own two pair of flats, that aren’t flip-flops or tennis shoes, and haven’t worn either pair yet!  I just don’t feel completely dressed without a pair of heels on.  I love the look of some people in flats, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not one of them. One of the reasons  I don’t like flats is because they make me feel short.  I am right at 5’5″ and would love to be naturally 5’8″, but that obviously isn’t reality, so I just endure the pain that comes with wearing high heels everywhere.  But what cost will I pay later? 

I recently read an article in Pink Magazine that addressed this issue.  It seems as though, yes, if I don’t start limiting the amount of time I wear high heels I will soon live to regret it in the form of hammertoes (scary!!), pinched nerves, and permanently shortened Achilles tendons.  However, there are several things I can do (thank goodness!) to avoid these aforementioned problems:

1.  Limit the heel height to 3 inches or under. 

2.  Choose shoes with a supportive heel cover and an ankle strap so your foot will fit firmly inside of the shoe.

3.  Use padded inserts.  (I use FootPetals inside All of my shoes!!) 

4.  Stretch your Achilles tendon! 

5.  Add the podiatrist to your yearly exam list!

I have to admit that the chances of you ever catching me without heels on is slim to none, but I hope that maybe you, unlike me, will put vanity aside and protect your little piggies!  🙂  Good luck!

Erin Sharplin Love


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