“Topsy-Turvy Thursday” – What Exactly is Panache by Erin?

I have had so many people email or call me to ask me what, exactly, I do. What is Panache by Erin?  What does Panache mean and how did you come up with that name?  So, at your request, I am going to answer all of your questions.  Thank you very much for your interest in my business.


Panache (puh nash) or (puh nahsh):  a distinctive and stylish elegance


I decided to call my business Panache by Erin because “stylish elegance” is exactly what I strive to help all of my clients gain, whether they are organizing clients, wedding clients, or outfit coordination clients.  Every situation can use a little stylish elegance. 


Below is a list of the services that Panache by Erin offers:


Wedding Coordinating – We offer three different coordinating packages – Day-of, Full-Planning, and Personalized. 


Home/Office Organizing – We can organize anything from your kitchen to your home office, but our specialty is closets!!


Outfit Coordination – We put outfits together and take pictures of them so you’ll never have to wonder what to wear!!  Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to discover a whole new wardrobe!!


Personal Shopping – If you are pressed for time, but need some new clothes or a whole new wardrobe, Panache by Erin has the ability to take clothing on approval from local boutiques and then bring them to you for a personal shopping experience that fits into your schedule.  If you just need a little help deciding what to buy we can take you shopping!!


Etiquette Classes – We teach etiquette to children, teens, and adults.  It’s never too late to learn!!


Personal Color Analysis – Panache by Erin will discover your best and worst colors for you and make a personalized book for you to keep with you for shopping excursions.


Special Presentations – Does your organization or business need a speaker?  We can come give a presentation to your group.  We can personalize a presentation based on your needs or you can choose from a list of presentations that we have already done.


To learn more about Panache by Erin you can check out our website!!  Wwwpanachebyerin.com

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